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Featured Reader: Goal is to have unique points of view for each Pulitzer winner. 

Featured Readers summarize their key take-away or lesson about Inclusion from one Pulitzer winner in a sentence or two. 

Featured readers can also share comments on inclusion/exclusion in the book, and/or why they related or did not connect with the book and why inclusion, reading and dialog matter in 250 words or less.

Featured Readers may provide a personal photo with their Pulitzer or in a setting that reflects the Pulitzer. 

Featured Readers can provide a link to a deserving cause with an inclusive mission.  


Book Group:

What’s your candid feedback on how a Pulitzer Book Club Guide worked for your book group? Other input for Pulitzer Book Club? 

Librarian or Teacher:

Suggestions for upgrading website content?  Are you willing to test-pilot a Pulitzer Book Club Guide with your book group or class and provide suggestions based on your experience? 

Publisher/Author Representative:

Can you provide photography/permission, desired backlinks, author info updates, or other content suggestions?

History/Current Events Buffs:

Inclusion Milestones on the website are brief summaries of selected happenings for each Pulitzer year that signal progress toward Inclusion.  Can you identify a Milestone that should be added and with a source to document it?  

Fact Checker:

The site will launch without footnotes/sources; adding that info would be a valuable upgrade. Can you help?


Artist, Photographer, & Photo Researcher:

Can you donate art or photography, or provide links to copyright-free photos or art visuals for Inclusion Milestones and/or photos of Authors?



What suggestions do you have for homage Inclusion Road Trips specific to a Pulitzer Fiction winner?



Identify type-o’s, grammatical nightmares, and other issues.



Share your funds, time, and talent with your local library.

Support non-profits with an inclusive mission, perhaps one suggested by one of Pulitzer Book Club’s Featured Readers. is about fostering inclusion through literature and is not-for-profit. 


Thank you to those who have already helped create this concept and website, including….

Travis Morin and Tradewinds Marketing and Lynn Hoban and to all who provided counsel, including Ross Krumlish, Sheryl Smikle, Ann Jabro, Diane Greenwood, Patty Rappazzo, and Cindy Baum-Baicker.

Special thanks to the generous, smart pioneers who contributed as Featured Readers for the launch of the Pulitzer Book Club.

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