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Pulitzer Book Club Inclusion Guide


"The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" by Michael Chabon



• Colin Powell first Black Secretary of State
• America mourns 9-11
• Virginia first to formally express regret for eugenics legislation



Michael Chabon grew up hearing Yiddish spoken by his grandparents and aunts. The “creative free-flow” between Chabon and his author-wife Ayelet Waldman inspired the collaboration of Sammy Clay and Rosa Saks.


Featured Reader Wanted!

Featured Reader

– Share your key take-away about inclusion in this book in a sentence or two.
– Write a paragraph or two (up to 250 words) to describe your thoughts on exclusion/inclusion in the book, why you related or did not connect with the book, and why you think reading, inclusion and dialog about inclusion matter.
– Identify the name and website address of a cause you support with an inclusive mission.


Jewish cousins create cartoon empire with Hilter fighting hero


Tracy surprises Sammy at 1am on the 81st floor observation deck of the Empire State Building with wine and a gourmet meal and it’s love illuminated by lightning strikes.


Novel celebrates glory years of American comic books and was inspired in part by Superman's young Jewish creators, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, who sold their superhero to DC Comics for $130. The writing of Kavalier and Clay novel predated the explosion of the superhero movie genre.


Engaging throughout the epic 684-page novel or 22 CDs/26.5 hours


Create. All forms of literature and art have the power to educate, expose, inspire and prompt action.


Kavalier escapes Nazi oppression via the Golem of Prague and fights back via art, fights with German Americans and military service; Clay is the victim of physical and character assault because of his relationship with a man.


Shabbat dinner. If your braised short ribs are not A-game, be sure there there is a bottle of horseradish on the table so people know what they’re eating. Display vegetables like art.


"Take care - there is no force more powerful than that of an unbridled imagination."


Bring your handsome new actor friend to your mother’s house. He’ll do the dishes and be charming. Hang a picture of Salvador Dali in his diving suit.


How can a pair of young people peacefully combat a fascist?
What can a person do to avoid being labeled as a supporter of someone with a shared characteristic but wildly different values?
What have you learned about reinvention that might help someone who is considering a new path?


Do not go to the beach house with the guys. You will be busted. Finally take that train to California. If you’re furious beyond reason go to an Antarctica military base. Or go to a magic shop and see who is hanging out in the back room.


Chabon and his wife Ayelet Waldman are collaborating on a Showtime series adaptation of “Kavalier and Clay”
Novel was adapted for the stage in Seattle.


2009 "Manhood for Ameteurs," 2007 "The Yiddish Policeman's Union," 1995 "The Wonder Boys," Special collector’s edition of "Kavalier and Clay" features illustrations by comic book artist Chris Samnee.

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